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Electric Panel and Subpanel Upgrades Worcester

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Do you have any Electric Panel and Sub Panel Upgrades questions? Is your electrical panel getting a little cramped? If so, an Electrical Sub Panel might be the best option for adding new circuits, especially if you’re adding an addition to your home, creating an office, or doing renovations. Although electric sub panels don’t provide additional electricity to a home, they are used to supplement an existing electrical panel to get the most out of your electrical system. Whether you need a sub panel installed, or an existing one serviced, we can provide exceptional service and expertise to keep your home or workplace running safely and efficiently.

Your electrical panel is the most important aspect of your home’s electrical system. All of your home’s power is distributed through this critical area. We properly upgrade and install main and sub panels that can handle your property’s current and future electrical needs.

There are a number of reasons for considering a subpanel. Older electrical panels may not have room for new circuits, especially with large electrical loads being added to older homes. In this case, an electrical sub panel is used instead of replacing the main panel with a larger one. They can be located adjacent, or even in a separate location, such as a garage or spare room,

Electrical subpanels are used when adding a suite or addition to a home, such as a new kitchen, office, or bedroom.  They’re an efficient way to ensure your electrical work is up to code, especially when a suite is involved. Subpanels also provide easy, clear, and targeted separations of electrical service, allowing easy repairs and maintenance thanks to the loads of each panel being segmented.

An electrical panel is one of the most important parts of your home to maintain properly. Worcester Electrician Services completes the work quickly, causing little to no interruption to your daily routine, ensuring your electrical panel conforms to code and all requirements.  

    Electrical Panel Maintenance and Installation

  • Over time most homeowners add new appliances and circuits to their homes. Each may seem a small addition, but collectively they increase the demand put on your electrical panel.
  • Upgrading your electrical panel (sometimes called a ‘fuse box’ or ‘breaker box’) can be the answer to keeping your home safe and efficient.
  • The electrical panel is the control center and hub of electrical activity and routing in your home. It’s maintenance is important to a safe and effective power distribution.
  • Our electricians will evaluate your circuits, determine when your home was built and how much electricity you use to guide them in determining if you need your panel replaced or a sub-panel added to your home to keep up with the entire home’s electrical demand.

Remember, making changes to your electrical panel is a job for an experienced professional electrician and should never be attempted on your own.

Sub Panel Installation & Upgrades

Is your electrical panel getting a little cramped? If so, an Electrical Sub Panel might be the best option for adding new circuits. Reach out to us today to discuss sub panels and if they’re right for you!


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Electric Panel and Sub Panel Upgrades